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>sometimes I just ask the world to spin faster and take me out of here. though I know the more I ask, the less it will. the more I’ll feel time going by as slowly as I do now. it seems to me one can’t have goals in life, because they all seem so distant, unreal and unachievable. it’s funny how everyone says I’ll reach everything I dream of and they tell me to be patient at the same time. I’m fucking trying though I’ve never been patient. patience is an excuse for waiting things to happen. and even though time seems to never go by, it’ll have flown if I sit and wait and then remember out of a sudden I did have a goal. I did want to go somewhere. by then I’ll have let things go. and I don’t want that. I have to be strong enough to live the life I want to. at least when it isn’t too late to try.



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